Zine Review: Pieces #2 On Girls & Wondering

Pieces 2

Pieces #2 On Girls & Wondering

This zine is about the handful of girls in my life that really made an impact on me.

I think there is a true, deep value in being able to look at past relationships and feel the feelings without getting lost in them. In this zine, I think Nichole makes a beautiful tribute to women she has met. From her first kiss to realisations of unrequited love, we get to view the women that influenced her life as she views them.

Nichole shares her awkward moments in ways that are endearing and yet ‘are what they are’. She doesn’t indulge in fantasies of what could have been or should have been. When you’re reading, you get a real sense of how she appreciates them even though, in her own words:

…things didn’t work out the way I wanted with any of them…

What was especially gorgeous for me is that there are a couple of women who don’t have names. Why is this gorgeous? Because it reminds me that you never really know whose life you’re influencing. You might think that everybody thinks your [X], but it just so happens someone out there is too nervous to ask you out. Or even to say hello.

Love it.

4 Replies to “Zine Review: Pieces #2 On Girls & Wondering”

  1. Wow! Thanks for reviewing some of my first issues of Pieces. It’s amazing how folks hold on to zines. If you are up for trading again at some point in the future, I have some new issues available. Take care!



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