Check It Out!

In another life, I am an author. While I try not to let that life cross into my zine life too often, my wonderful student debt dictates that I put my squirmy feelings aside and ‘cross promote’. Not that I have anything against sales as such – I’m just not built to be a salesman. (Even as much as my life could benefit were I such.)

I have recently released the ‘boxed set’ of my first three books. It’s an interesting set in that the first I wrote before my Professional Writing & Editing Cert IV and diploma stuff, the second book I wrote during, and the third book I wrote as I was finishing up. So you can really see how much my style has changed and been polished up in that time.

Of course, the set is cheaper than buying the ebooks individually. Check it out here on Amazon. Any sharing and, of course, purchases, are greatly appreciated.



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