Zine Review: Ker-Bloom! 106


Ker-Bloom! 106 – January – February 2014

“Ker-bloom! is a life history letterpress printed in installments.”

The zine world is huge and not mainstream, so it’s simply not possible to read all of the zines out there. Or even hear of all of the zines out there. So when I saw this in Sticky and realised that I’d heard of it somewhere before, I had to grab it.

The quality of the zine itself is undeniable. Textured cardstock cover, letterpress, words indented into the cover, a 300-zine print run (holy guacamole!) with the copy number, the lovely interior paper… It’s a ‘simple’ zine in its simplicity, but the materials and tools used to create it make it gorgeous.

The content inside is a snippet of live. Tales of owning real estate. I don’t know how I do it with picking zines, but I just so happen to have a tiny obsession with real estate. I don’t actually own any, but people have been known to save the real estate sections of the paper for me.

Hey. Love is love.

Anyway, that’s all there is to it. A snippet of life. A tale of heating systems. I liked it and was sad that it was over so soon.

In the end, though, Ker-Bloom is one of those zines that has the quality and reputation that leaves me feeling like I’m back in university wondering if there’s something that I’m missing that everyone understands. That could be my feelings of inadequacy, or I could really be missing something. Ker-Bloom 106 was a pleasant experience, no doubt, but it’s not going into my permanent collection. Am I missing something? Do I need to read more of them? Is it about the duration that this zine has survived?

While Ker-Bloom does have a post address on the back along with ‘artnoose’ as the name, there are no other details as to the creator of the zine or how to contact him or her. While I would usually rave on about this (I’m a lazy lurker), I get the feeling that the lack of URLs and such is actually on purpose. I could guess that it has something to do with keeping to the roots of the zine (it’s been running for a long time), or that it wants to keep with the otherwise ‘classic book’ feel of the zine. I really don’t know. So I won’t rave about it, I’ll merely mention it.

And wonder if I’m not quite understanding something.

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