I’m a Trading Card! Zinester Trading Cards Series 2

Zinester Trading Cards

Billy Da Bunny has done it again with his Zinester Trading Cards, Series 2 now on Etsy. What’s even more cool – I’m one of them!

Talk about a bucket list thing that I didn’t think I’d be awesome enough to accomplish. I’m a trading card. Squee! The proof is on the Etsy listing. Click THIS LINK to check on the listing on Etsy, go to the third picture, and you will see that there is, indeed, a ‘Nyx’ card. Whee!

Full color trading cards of zinesters from all over the world. Buy them, trade them, collect them! There are 32 different cards.

Cards are printed on glossy cardstock paper, measuring 2.75″ X 4.25″. Front of the card shows the person or place, back of the card tells stats and contact information. Collect them all!

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