Updates & General Admin


Ah, the business side of running a business.


Today I’m doing some general type admin stuff. I’m updating the fliers (the first picture) so people know what Dear Anonymous is a rolling submission aka always open for business. I’ve spent the afternoon sewing up some copies of Dear Anonymous 3 and Don’t Call Me Cupcake (while watching some scary YouTube videos). I’m also mentally bouncing around some ideas for being more organised in general.

I’m not terrible at the organising stuff; there are just little things that annoy me. As in, I keep printing fliers, but I’m not sure where they all go. (I don’t think I’ve sent out that many…) Also, my zine storage and associated paperwork is just one part of the top of a small dresser. I want to get some proper storage and filing happening in Casa de Sea Green Zines. I want to be able to, when I receive an order, be able to send it out ASAP. Bam, bam, bam. I have a thing for production lines.

I’d also like to be able to keep better track of my ink. Because I’m running out. So I discovered about five minutes ago.


Hey… Santa…

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