Zine Review: Strange News From Another Star…


Strange News From Another Star

Every now and then, you come across a person who has such a dramatically different view of the world than you that it feels like you’re speaking different language when you’re using the same words.

This zine was a bit like that. Down the rabbit hole!

Strange News From Another Star is a strange mix of comic, poetry, and cut and paste. I thought I knew what it was all about in the first few pages, but then it ripped out those assumptions. The first couple of pages mentions a book called ‘Interior Voyages’, and I felt like I was going deeper and deeper into someone’s subconscious or dream as I turned each page.

I like the surprise of it being so different, and I quite enjoyed the art. And how could you not like a zine that gently reminds you of which way is up and then invites you to step inside.


Perhaps, then, you can understand my Alice in Wonderland reference? (Eat me/drink me.)

I must confess, though, that I had no idea what most of it meant. I was happy to float along in my reading, but I can see that that sort of thing might bother some people. For me, it was more about the ride, even if the words were trying to say things that I just couldn’t straighten out in my head.

But, if you don’t mind the possibility of getting completely lost, then you should definitely give it a go.

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