Summoned By A Bride-to-Be & Plans


When a bride-to-be doesn’t want to go try on dresses alone, and she summons you to go with and take pictures… Well, you go with and take pictures.

As much as I was ‘of course I will’ was involved with yesterday, it did involve dropping my plans and all sorts of uncomfortable things. Being the fat friend to the fitter bride, being one. Snooty tiny shopkeepers making snide side comments being another. But it’s all done now, and the bride is happy.

I must admit that adventures out and about make me all the more grateful for my cave where I can create and write, for people who truly understand me, and for being able to have such wonderful things in my life.

The wonderful news is that the Kickstarter payment date approaches! I am fairly sure that I have done absolute everything possible that I can without the other supplies I need coming in. So hit the ground running I shall.


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