A Strange & Excellent Turn of Events

So today is the day! I said that my 100th review is this week, and… it’s not up.


I’ve been running on low fuel these past couple of weeks with all the health tests and such, so I fully own up to being behind already when I woke up this morning. It was all going to work out anyway – I have my 100th zine to review picked out and everything – but then Wanderer and I received a phone call this morning…

Wanderer and I have been seriously pushing forward in the journey to move interstate and buy our own house for what seems like at least a year by now. (The interstate part of that being a longer story for another time.) The call this morning started a rollercoaster of emotion that ended in some excellent news.

However, to get there, we had to deal with additional phone calls, lining up times for things, interviews to confirm details, so on and so forth. What was going to be a quiet day turned out to be sooo busy in the best of ways as it’s all looking like green lights for a move this year!

The pickle of it is that I didn’t get my 100th review up. Oopsie. However, it’s kind of fun because my 100th review will go up on Friday the 13th!

Okay, so maybe ‘fun’ isn’t the word everyone would use, but I’m going to leave it there anyway.

For now, I’ll leave that drum rolling for a smidge longer, and I’ll see you tomorrow with my 100th zine review.

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