A Short Note

If you’ve recently received one (or more – probably more) notifications involving me liking your post(s) and/or replying to comments, well… That’s because I’ve been writing on this blog for yonks and only recently discovered this:


It’s not that I didn’t know it was there, it’s just that I didn’t pay much attention. I get emails every time someone likes or comments on something, so I didn’t see the point in checking that thing.

Nobody told me that I can, you know, do stuff with it. Especially not that it keeps track of the times when someone replies to a comment I’ve made. Or that I can comment back right then and there.

Say What

Yep, my mind exploded into a bunch of glitter and confetti.

However, now I can say – with a confidence I’ve never had before – that I’m for real caught up on comments and such now.

It’s the little things. I may be turning thirty soon, but I’m still a colouring with crayons on the wall kind of gal.

2 Replies to “A Short Note”

  1. oi nyx! i’m in hibernation . . . just like the little nyx I found in the backyard being chased by a vole. thank you for the care guide that came with Cupcake #3. Astonishing zine! you reach new levels of neuroticism! but i’m getting of track here . . . that little nyx I found DOES like to hibernate! she buried her head in the sand that I put in her cage and I ain’t seen her head since! so i’m hibernating on the bed and she’s got her head buried in the sand. but when I wake up i’m gonna review that goddamned “Don’t Call Me Cupcake #3!” on your own goddamned site! fair is fair! and i’ll get some hamster chips for my nyx so she’s more comfortable.

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