Little Steps & Happy Mail

I’m baaaaaack.

Cautiously and still in need of many naps, I am declaring myself ‘back’. Various tests revealed a need for this little one:

Little Purple People Eater

His full name is “Little Purple People Eater”, but I call him “Lemmy” for short.

I was diagnosed with asthma as a baby, but I’m finally getting the hang of things now thanks to a combination of public health and no longer being under the care of people who couldn’t give a singular shit about my health.

Do I sound like I’m still angry about being denied medical care growing up because I’m definitely still angry about being denied medical care growing up…

I got out of the house for non-doctor reasons for the first time in ages today, and I had a lovely little reward waiting for me.

International Happy Mail

Mail! And with a letter! With a letter sharing thoughts on Don’t Call Me Cupcake!

Big fuzzy love hearts for mail.

I do apologise for the long quiet here. I know that it was hardly my choice in the matter, but I’m still sorry nonetheless.


2 thoughts on “Little Steps & Happy Mail

  1. Not only am I happy to see that you’re back here, but I’m also happy to see that you’re getting the health care you need, I know from experience that asthma is a scary and underestimated f*cker. I’m hoping that this purple inhaler will turn out to be your friend like it has been mine over the years, and if not, that they’ll soon find another one that will be a good match.

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    • Thank you. 🙂 I am very, very happy to be back here in my normal capacity. I know that I have certainly underestimated asthma for my entire life, and I won’t do that again.


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