Happy Mail – Epic Envelope Art Edition

I love mail. I don’t think I’ve mentioned that nearly enough this month.

Just kidding. I know I say it pretty much every other day, but it really makes me feel so awesome. It also makes me want to start making happy mail videos. ^_^

Anyway, on to the mail!

Birthday Happy Mail

This is a lovely little birthday bundle from a friend at Swap-Bot. If you haven’t heard of the site and love mail, then definitely check it out. There are so many groups, swaps, and ways of finding new mail friends.

Fishspit Happy Mail

I knew I had some happy mail coming in from Fishspit, but I had no idea what I was in for! So much awesomeness – and my very first cassette recorded by someone else. (I am old enough to own cassettes, but no one has ever made me one before). That along with a nice long letter and… what’s that…

Green Kitty

Isn’t he cute? He’s so tiny. A lovely little surprise to travel along with the zine goodness.

Of course, with Fishspit comes epic envelope art collages!

Fishspit Art Front

Fishspit Art Back

I will never fail to be impressed by Fishspit’s dedication to collage. I always know when something is from him. ^_^

And, just because, Green Cat is now on my desk next to my Mario 1up mushroom.

Green Cat

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful day. If you haven’t and would like some mail cheer, feel free to leave your mailing address in the comments. I’m doing some major destashing right now, so I have all sorts of things that I can send. ^_^ Seriously.


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