Happy Mail!


I told you I might need the reminder about doing a happy mail post. Haha.

Actually, things just got a little hectic, but now both Wanderer and Boggin are settled down with some medication that should see them right sooner rather than later. However, a friend is borrowing my light box, so I wasn’t going to take happy mail pictures until I at least had some halfway decent daylight.

On with it!

Cometbus Happy Mail

Woo! My first issue of Cometbus. I’ve heard/read a lot of good things about this zine, and, well, of course I had to get my hands on a copy. Someone on Instagram had checked out my zine wishlist and was happy to send one here to Oz for a trade.

Another person with spectacular handwriting, by the way. Did you all attend a workshop, or…?

Unexpected Happy Mail

Completely unexpected happy mail! This zine comes by way of the US and points to an aspect of the zine community that I haven’t really talked much about – sharing addresses. “I’m a friend of ___ who said you might want to trade.” Fantastic stuff. I love it.

I always send zines back, but the people who send me things like this don’t know that. It’s lovely to see that people are still willing to take chances on stuff like this. Plus, zines!

Many thanks to both senders for making my post box a lovely thing to open this past week.


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