Zine Review: Falling Apart: A Zine on Death, Grief, Mourning & Loss

Falling Apart Zine

Falling Apart: A Zine on Death, Grief, Mourning & Loss
Zippity Zinedra Press

Sometimes there are zines that I know are likely to confront me in one way or another – and this zine is one. I struggle with the entire subject of death, so the thought of reading people’s stories of grief and mourning was a bit daunting.

Falling Apart is a collection of stories, photos, quotes, artwork, letters and more from people dealing with death. I didn’t expect there to be such a variety not only in the content itself but in how people expressed their grief. It didn’t occur to me before this that grief and mourning happens in more ways than I’m acquainted with. One of those things taken for granted…

There is the cut and paste element that makes zines so awesome and has a combination of text, pictures, and even (readable!) handwritten pieces. I mention this because I appreciated that Zippity Zendra did it very well, keeping things in zine style while still letting the stories and photos remain the focus. Given the subject, I think this is the best way to go.

While I did have to hunt down the link to the Facebook page because I couldn’t find a URL or an email address in the zine, that is negated a little bit by the cover collage artist not only being given a special spotlight in the front but his details are listed as well.

This is another zine that I think you will know fairly easily if it’s something you’d like to have in your collection. Or you could be like me and take the chance with a zine you really aren’t sure how you’ll handle but read anyway because you might learn something…

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