Take A Breath

I’m in this weird space where it feels like it’s been both a long time and no time at all since I last sat down to write a regular blog post for this blog.

Not that this is going to be regular as such. Anyway.

I was going to write a ‘Done, Doing, Dreaming’ post, but it didn’t feel quite right for this sort of catch up. I’m sitting in a strange place, mentally, and I really just want to do with the flow.


Eight days after being admitted for emergency surgery to remove his ruptured and abscessed appendix, I was able to bring Wanderer home. The space inbetween was confronting, to say the least, with Wanderer’s complications both leaving us terrified that he might lose his life. (There were a lot of ‘we’re not sure what’s going wrong with him’ times.) The important thing is that he didn’t, and he’s okay. But neither of us want to pretend that it didn’t happen, so we’re taking the mentality adjustments slowly.

I want to give my heartfelt thanks to everyone who guest posted, liked guest posts, and/or sent best wishes in one way or another. I appreciate it more than words can say.

There is another guest zine review going up this week, and then I hope to get back into a regular schedule – at least so far as the reviews go – next week. I am very thankful to past Nyx (haha) for working so hard on the weekend calls for submissions so those stayed (and will stay) as normal. Regular posts should come back next week as well, but I don’t want to make any promises while we’re not fully settled.

To those who have asked, Wanderer is doing quite well now that he’s at home. When he made (and succeeded) in his third go at recovery, he quickly became eager to come home. He’s settled in quick and is already moving around a lot better than I thought he would be at this point.

Thank you everyone again. I look forward to getting back up to speed here and to applying the lessons learned about not having ‘spare’ emergency posts just in case…

Best wishes.

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