Happy Mail!

Happy mail!

You have to send mail to receive mail (is my general philosophy), so my post box has been a little quiet lately. However, I have been lucky enough to have received some awesome bits of happy mail recently.


This comes from a lovely new pen friend who discovered my profile on SendSomething. She also sent a little something for a friend of mine (Kim) who is dealing with cancer treatments at the moment. I love to see so much kindness still in the world, given how much we’re beaten over the head with how horrible humanity is.


I had no idea this was coming and have my wonderful friend, Fishspit, to thank for recommending this site to the wonderful Property Zine masterminds. I was impressed from the get go with this zine, and they sent a sticker and letter, too!

They have an open call for submissions happening right now, so be sure to check out https://www.facebook.com/propertymaterials

My absolute thanks to all mail senders! You truly make my days happy.


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