Zine Review: The Life and Times of Billy Roberts #76


The Life and Times of Billy Roberts #76

Every time I feel like I’ve settled in with the variety of shapes, sizes, etc that zines come in, something new comes along. This time? A zine that’s a pamphlet! No binding required, one page, two folds, columns… The Life and Times of Billy Roberts is the most appropriate title ever; I feel like I’ve received a ‘life digest’ from Billy.

In issue 76, Billy talks about the month of things breaking, new friends, the therapeutic value of concerts, and more. There is a lot packed into this zine, and yet each section is only as long as it needs to be. It’s like catching up with an old friend ‘quick letter’ style without feeling like anything is being left out.

Aesthetically, yeah, it can get a little beat up in the mail (as evidenced in the photo above), but I’ve seen worse done to bigger zines in envelopes. I’m just pleased as punch that this made it all the way to me in Australia and that I’m feeling like I’m part of the mailing list.

I really hope to see more issues of this in my post box.

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