Well, it’s 5.45pm at the time I’m starting to write this, and it occurs to me that I haven’t posted my happy mail post today. Or even polished the photos I took this morning for the happy mail post… Yep!


First off, happy Halloween to those who are celebrating. It’s not a real big thing in Australia – nary a costume to be seen this weekend.

So this ^ is a picture of my cat, Asimov. A disappearing act last week, refusing food when he came back, and a call to the vet on Sunday led this little guy to needing a little surgery on Sunday. (Or procedure. I’m not entirely sure where the line is drawn.) The vet suspected he had a small bone lodged in his throat, and he needed some sleep juice so the vet could scope it out and get rid of the bone.

As it turned out, he decided to be like Wanderer. There was no bone, but there was an abscess in there. Though completely unexpected, the vet handled it very well (shout out to vets that work on Sundays) and is confident he’ll be just fine barring any complications.

I put a little shout out on social media about the situation and how any/all orders would greatly help at this time, as the vet bill was… a bit of a kick in the wallet. Getting mail ready to go is part of the reason I’m running so late with everything today. It’s a most excellent sort of work to have, and I wholeheartedly thank everyone who has ordered zines, cards, and/or copies of my novel. It really helps take the sting out of the sizable unexpected vet bill.

I know this doesn’t have much of anything to do with zines, or with the usual happy mail Monday post, but I do like being able to share at least snippets of my life with you. Especially when it impacts my ability to post. I promise I’m getting more organised with everything ‘Sea Green Zines’, so this sort of thing will happen less in the future.

Phew. Coffee break and then back to it. I hope you all are having an excellent Monday!

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