Happy Mail!

I nearly called this sneezy happy mail. Wanderer and Skunk are kicking up plenty of dust getting the yard sorted for the rental inspection (groan) later this week.

There has been all kinds of colourful happy mail brightening up my post box this week.


This zine is about Carrie’s reaction to the US Presidential election. This was part of the ZineWriMo groove, and she was kind enough to do a trade with me.


Woo! My copy of Property Zine has arrived – and I’m in it! I haven’t submitted anything to a zine for ages (shame shame), and they accepted an art submission from me. I’m so excited. Not only that, they also included the actual page I’m on separately as well. Love it.


Dystatic mail! Dystatic is from Canada and sends the most colourful mail. This envelope of goodness even included a few snowflakes, just in case Australia’s warm December had me forgetting what it’s like to live in a winter wonderland.

I’ve definitely not forgotten.

The holiday mail crush is well and truly on. I tried to mail out everything I needed to early, so I’m hoping everything has arrived. If not, please be patient. Things don’t usually calm down fully until the first part of January.

Thank you so much for sharing this bit of mail goodness with me. More to come!

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