Done, Doing, Dreaming – The Distracted Version

Distracted version is right. As much as I’ve tried to avoid it, I’m definitely in a scattered state.


More photos of my beautiful boy, the main reason behind my distraction. He’s been at the vet’s since this morning, waiting for his turn to get an x-ray, poor little bub. I honestly would have sat there all day with him if I could. I hope he’s just sleeping to pass the time.


Fun news in that my friends know I like these little gingerbread bikkies, and they both got me some. Comfort eating is not a good idea, but hey, it’s delicious…


I’ve been putting together a moving binder for the big move in the second half of 2017. It’ll be an interstate move with three animals, so I am very focused on having everything as organised as possible. I’ve only started putting the bits and pieces together, but I can already feel myself getting a little calmer about the prospect.


It’s not all distractions from zines, however, as I’ve been discussion binding techniques with @bodieh – the mastermind behind Slowquest. It feels good to be of use in a time I feel rather useless otherwise.

Oh, the above is a Japanese screw punch, if you were curious. If you’d like to know more, I’ve put up a couple videos on my Instagram.

That’s all for me. Please forgive me for being less than upbeat. These things happen, and I’ll get back to the swing of it sooner rather than later.

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