Zine Review: Ker-bloom! 116: The Cat Who Flew


Ker-bloom! 116: The Cat Who Flew

I love how some zines seem to come into my life with spectacular timing. Ker-bloom! 116, featuring a tale of a cat and moving across the country, fits the bill…

Ker-bloom! 116 is a short tale about moving back and forth and the adventures of finding the best way to get a cat from Pennsylvania to California while accounting for a toddler as well. It’s a short zine but an involving read nonetheless.

This zine isn’t going to change your life or get you thinking too deeply. (Unless you’re like me and pondering how you’re going to move animals interstate.) I say that with no disrespect, though. There is beauty and wonder to be found in the moments of our lives – in our personal stories. I found myself smiling (in sympathy, of course) at the story of the poor kitty and quite enjoyed the whole thing.

You can’t review Ker-bloom without mentioning the look and feel of it. Ker-bloom is letterpress printed, which gives everything on the cover and even the text inside a texture, which is lovely to run your fingers over. The paper artnoose uses is absolutely gorgeous, which makes the zine as much of a piece of art as it is a zine.

PS. I highly recommend checking out the Patreon page linked above to learn more about artnoose and the production of these zines.

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