Mini-Zine Review: Skin Folk: A Tattoo Appreciation Zine

Skin Folk: A Tattoo Appreciation Zineskin-fold-zine

Skin Folk: A Tattoo Appreciation Zine
Tracey, Zen, Sandy, Chris, Alex, Rebecca, Cormac, James

Skin Folk is a full-colour accordion-fold mini-zine answering the question: “Why did you get tattoos?”

Before I get into anything else, I’d like to say that I love the concept of this zine. The idea to simply and beautifully – through art and words – respond to a question that can often lead to defensive commentary is a wonderful thing.

The art inside is small but intricate and amazing. The images look great and, paired with the lettering used for the answers, it makes for a very complete, enjoyable zine. The answers themselves are a mix of beautiful, thoughtful, and funny, all coming together to make sure the zine doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Alas, there are no contact details to be found. The people I have listed above are contributors (I’m guessing) from a page simply titled ‘Thanks’.

Being an accordion-fold, I do fine myself wishing that more had been included on the blank ‘backs’ of pages, but that’s certainly not going to stop me from making this part of my much-enjoyed forever zine collection.

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