Even Reviewers Get Reviewed

Yep, even reviewers get reviewed. Or maybe especially? Though Fishspit doesn’t seem to be taking any particular revenge on this reviewer. Enjoy Joe Fishpit’s review of Don’t Call Me Cupcake 7.

Don’t Call Me Cupcake #7 is like looking at a beautiful dark cloud that has a silver lining. I’m very fond of clouds, especially dark clouds, and i’m very fond of this zine.

Nyx is one weird goddamned chick . . . and she struggles mightily . . . but if she wasn’t so weird, and she didn’t suffer more than her share, we wouldn’t have such a delightful zine.

I have no ability to think or write linear, so let’s just pop around. Asimov! If you don’t adore cats, i’ve got no use for you. I find anything written about a person’s cat fascinating. Asimov went through the ringer. Nyx’s angst follows him through his trials. She includes pictures and that cat is one fine looking fellow. I’ve never met him so i can’t say for sure, but he looks delightfully stoic . . . with a touch of sorrow in in his huge eyes . . . maybe over man’s inhumanity to animals.

For the first time in a Cupcake Nyx includes some of her fiction . . . from an upcoming novel. Yes . . . this bluestocking writes novels too. It’s a schizo experience because her fiction voice is completely different than her zine voice. I guess that’s what makes her a true writer . . . one who can disengage from their usual voice. It’s good fiction! This surprised me! I assumed that Nyx wrote insipid, gomer type literature for over-sized lesbian broads that dress up as some sort of cross between Bigfoot and Sheena for their fantasy cons. I was wrong.

92 Truths is the stuff of strange humor by one that has had to laugh to keep from crying. On Manic Panic: you know when you are in the grocery store and there’s a cart sitting there . . . with a few things in it . . . but no one is around to claim it? That’s Nyx’s cart! She’s “gone baby gone!”

On I Don’t Love Myself – And That’s Okay: Even the little neurotic woman that lives in Nyx’s brain has a neurotic woman living in her brain! You’d want Nyx’s brain about as much as you’d want a case of leprosy. Check it out! Nyx is a pretty positive person for being a completely whacked out weirdo . . . and even this delve into the realms of negativity has weird twists into P.M.A. (positive mental attitude – like the Bad Brains song). Nyx is an absolute expert at overthinking things. You like a good ping pong match? You’ll love this article!

One of my fave parts of Cupcake is the Little Thoughts. Another bunch of bubbles of wonderful wit and crazy insight in this issue.

If you don’t order this zine you are robbing yourself the pleasure of looking into one of the most fascinating minds in the zine world. I guarantee you will dig this zine! If you don’t . . . well . . . “I pity the fool.”


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