Zine Review: Colouring Fun Zine

Heard Presents: The Colouring Fun Zine

Today I have a short and sweet zine to review for you – a colouring zine!

Unlike some other colouring books that are touted as being relaxing, this one is more of my idea of what’s relaxing with plenty of different shapes and things to colour – none of which are too intricate or complicated.

It’s printed on nice, thicker paper for colouring. You might think that’s a given for a colouring zine, but I’ve seen the thought neglected before.

I have to give kudos where kudos are due when it comes to the contact page being clear, easy to read, and giving multiple ways to get in touch. However, I have to give a bigger hat tip to this zine acknowledging the original owners of the land on which the zine was created. It’s a lovely way to recognise indigenous Australians.

All up, I liked this zine. It’s a positive, relaxed zine for a time when I greatly appreciate it.

If the one with puzzles in it is as good as this one, I know I’m going to love it.

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