Happy Mail Monday – Overwhelmed by Generosity Edition

This week has been a happy week for happy mail indeed! Cute envelopes, shiny envelopes, letters, zines, and even an interesting heart sketch have made my post box and my life a better place!

Kendy P aka MissMuffcake sent me copies of The Stay at Home Girlfriend and her latest mini-zine! I feel so bad because the postage is so atrocious, but I am so, so thankful for zines in a zine series I love!

I had to take a picture of the envelope alone because it’s so cute! There’s even a kitty sketched on the front!

Happy mail from Germany in a shiny green envelope! I know, I know. Plenty of jokes to be made about Nyx loving shiny things. ^_^ Now a more spread out pic of the zines:

Queer Marshmallow of Queer Trash Distro saw my bullet journal zine on Instagram, and we set up a trade! We’ve both been rather short of spoons lately, so it took a little while, but it happened. Haha.

I am so thrilled. QM did not tell me that I would be receiving so many zines. What a wonderful surprise!

This was a great surprise in my post box today. A completely unexpected envie of happy mail all the way from the UK! Chloe Henderson sent art, zines, postcards, and a flier as well. I like seeing all the different ways people get the word out about their zines, art, and work.

And yes, that heart is exactly what you think it is. Hehehehe. I get to colour it in, too!

Chris has become one if the most prolific penpals I have ever had! There’s something lovely about settling into a cosy chair and reading a nice long letter.


That’s all the mail for this week. Heaps! Seeing all the fun mail art, the colours, and all of that stuff makes me want to start making happy mail videos so I can better show everything off. If you think that would be fun, please let me know!

As always, I hope you are all having a wonderful week.


Mail Note:

It’s a bit early, but I figure I should start getting the word out sooner rather than later… I’m moving later this year (late August or September). I will be setting up a new post box as soon as I can in the new location, but as we get closer (starting beginning of August-ish?), you may want to hold off on sending mail. I will get a redirect and everything set up, but I’m a smidge anxious about the whole thing.

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