Zine Review: Posture 2: Create or Perish

Posture 2: Create or Perish

Posture 2: Create or Perish is a black and white 24 hour zine (if you’re not familiar, it’s a challenge to create a zine within 24 consecutive hours).

Given it’s the last Friday in International Zine Month July, I thought it was only right to review a 24 hour zine.

I think I need to read more 24 hour zines because it’s a lot of fun to be ‘in the moment’ with a zinemaker as they are creating a zine. Ro even adds a date, time, and time left in the front that adds to the fun ‘urgent’ feeling.

Ro starts off admitting that there is no real plan for this zine, and it’s a smattering of various subjects. It starts out with thoughts about being fascinated with street art and tugs right at my zine-loving heartstrings by giving a different perspective to something I’ve never really thought about.

From street art and yarn bombing, Ro goes into documentary recommendations, thoughts on fashion, art and creativity, and there are a couple of quotes thrown in for fun.

Side note: There is a really cool pocket on one page of this zine, but I have no idea what went in it.

This is a fun zine with various bits and bobs on various subjects. It’s very quick and easy to read. If you think that sounds like you check out this zine.

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