International Zine Month 2017 Day 29: Photos or It Didn’t Happen

Post a photo of you with your zine or zine collection

Photos or it didn’t happen! Hehehe.

Hello, zine friends! It’s time to show of your selfie and your zine collection – or your zine collection alone if you’re not feeling up to the selfie side of things.

Today I’m going to be a little cheeky (like I was with this last year) and post a favourite picture of mine…


This is my zinester trading card! I’m not sure if Billy McCall (aka Billy the Bunny) still makes these, but he might be able to help you out if you ask nicely.

That’s me for today. Post in the comments if you are showing off your beautiful self and/or zine collection!

Other Zinesters Joining In (Let me know if you are, and I’ll add you to the list!):


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3 Replies to “International Zine Month 2017 Day 29: Photos or It Didn’t Happen”

    1. On the old WMZ, Billy da Bunny called out for people to send him pictures and brief blurbs to be made into trading cards. I picked up both sets. 😛 Not sure if he still does them, but I’ll be sure to let him know there’s some interest in it.


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