What’s Happening – Nearly There

Hello, my wonderful zine friends. I hope the beginning of this week has (or will) greet you well, and that things are going smoothly for you.

Things are messy here, and I am very much looking to being on the other side of things.

Moving is hell, but I didn’t quite realise the kinds of hell I would experience. Sudden flu as the clock was really ticking. Barely controlling my own mental health and emotions in amongst experiencing some truly horrific as well as truly beautiful acts of humanity. What looks like the death of one, possibly two, friendships. Other friends I’ve barely spoken to for months showing up on my front door and asking how they can help.

I’ve never looked so forward to a proper sleep in my life.

Anyway, enough of my blathering on! What’s happening?

Today is the last chance to pack up all my things, as the moving truck arrives tonight. The big pack will happen tomorrow, and we’re on the road very early Wednesday morning.

Things will likely be fairly quiet here this week. I’ll try to keep things updated here for anyone interested, but I’m trying to be more gentle with my expectations of myself. I do have some lovely mail already to share next Monday as I start fresh in my new space.

I am looking forward to zines once again being the big focus in my life.

Big hugs and lots of sharpies to you all.


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