What’s Happening? Starting to Breathe

You know what’s amazing? Not hearing the train sounding off at four train crossings at two in the morning. It’s so lovely to not be constantly barraged by endless noise from cars, trams, sober people, drunk people, people harassing my dogs… It’s so quiet in comparison.

You could say that I’m finally starting to relax. Hehe.

And so is Asimov. 🙂

Local humour.

The internet saga rages on, but we have a slight reprieve thanks to a data USB thing. We’re supposed to get a proper connection to the house this week, but I’m not holding my breath, given our luck so far.

That means emails are still tricky. I get emails in just fine, but I have to log onto the actual email host to be able to reply, so there are delays in that regard.

The new Sea Green Zines headquarters!

I’m delaying the launch of Paper Currency, DCMC 8, and the creation of Dear Anonymous VII for just a little while longer. Better to do it late and properly, yes?

So until next time…

Be well, zine friends!

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