New Zine Announcement: Paper Currency

Hello, zine friends! I am very, very happy to announce that Paper Currency is finally ready to be properly launched.

A zine for the love of zines. ❤ Inside you will find zinemakers from around the world telling the stories of their first zines, zine reviews from yours truly, a section filled with fliers from zinemakers, distros, and more, and even an 'up for trades' section that you can join in on.

The recent price hikes from AusPost are a mood killer, that’s for sure, but I won’t let that stop me from keeping on keeping on.

Paper Currency is meant to be a free zine.

Unfortunately, you can’t offer things for free on Etsy, which is why it’s listed there for $1. If you do buy it on Etsy, the cost will go right back into Etsy fees, paper, and ink.

If you’d like to skip the $1 and pay only for shipping (and give Etsy the finger in the process), then you can get it directly from me.

Okay, so shipping is now $9 because Australia Post is insane BUT you can also whack more zines in there (up to 250g worth of zines) for the same shipping costs. There’s nothing I can do about the shipping, but I can at least get the most out of it.

I would have preferred a launch that included doughnuts, but what can you do? Read on, zine friends, and have a wonderful day!

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