#ZineWriMo Day 17: Sharing is Caring: Your Snacks of Choice

It is day 17 of ZineWriMo, and today we’re talking about our favourite snacks.


Don’t you have snacks while you’re creating? No? Oh. Well I do!

I’m a foodie with a sweet tooth, and I like finding out about food from around the world. Moving from a tiny town in Wisconsin to a big ol’ city in Australia opened my world to all kinds of different foods from Thai to Greek, and there’s no way I’m going back.

Plus having a snack can make your creative time all the more pleasurable.

I know how I’m usually going on about chocolate covered pretzels because I love the sweet/salt combo but they aren’t exactly easy to find in Australia. (It’s possible, but not easy.) That’s my ideal snack of choice.

Alas, I have to be healthy some of the time – plus it’s spring going on summer in Australia. Time for fruit!

Honestly I have been craving all sorts of fruit lately. So while I don’t always eat a platter like this, this isn’t exactly an abnormal plate for me. Hehe. I especially love the mandarins. Yum.

The only trouble with fruit is that it makes for sticky fingers, which means it’s difficult to create while having fruit as a snack.

Anyone care to share their favourite snacks to have while creating? Let me know in the comments.

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