Zine Review: Small Potatoes Issue 1

Small Potatoes Issue 1
IG: @k.huolohan
TW: @khuolohan

Small Potatoes 1 is a quarter-sized black and white slice-of-life perzine, and I have never found a zine cover and title combo so absolutely endearing. Love it!

It’s a week for coming back to zine-ing as Keira opens by writing this is the first zine they have written in over a year. Welcome back to zinemaking!

I really liked the variety I found in Small Potatoes. Don’t get me wrong – I like all life stuff kinds of zines. But Keira worked in life stuff, dreams, a short fiction story, poetry, and even book recommendations.

In the beginning they write that they want this zine to be an attempt to opening up, and I think they accomplished that. With so many different things, I think Keira has created a great start in showing their world bubble.

I’ve never been so inclined to ask a zinemaker if they wanted to be friends based on zine alone.

Getting back to the dream stuff, you may be thinking that they’re a hit or miss topic to write about. I check Keira’s dreams off as a hit. I don’t know if it was the dream, the writing, or the combination of both, but there was one point where Keira writes, “I felt so peaceful.” I nodded along because I felt peaceful, too!

On the aesthetics side, Keira uses typewritten words with a combination of drawing and pictures that go very well with the text.

If perzines are your thing or you’re new to zinemaking, then pick up a copy of this zine.

PS. I love the little ‘contact details’ pun on the back. I won’t spoil it, though.

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