Zine Review: Enby Life: Stories, poetry, & art by non-binary people

Enby Life: Stories, poetry, & art by non-binary people
Sally King, Wolfram, Madi, Keira Huolohan, Luca, Nicki Warren, Rae White, AlexB, Nikki Nicnevin, Doc, Izzie Austin
Editing & Design: Rae White

Enby Life is a half-fold black and white zine collection of stories, poetry, and art by non-binary people.

When I first pick up a zine, I don’t just read it. I flip through, get a feel for the paper and binding, so on and so forth. Well, I didn’t last too long flipping through this zine before I stopped flipping and got to the reading part.

Enby Life teaches you about more than what non-binary is but what it feels like. The pieces touch on things like labelling, frustrations, confusion, acceptance, and more through comics, poetry, writing, and all the variety you could want in a zine. I love the art and comics, but I equally love being made to slow down by longer prose pieces.

Every piece in here made me stop and think.

On the aesthetic side of things, there’s a lot to love about this zine. The type is huge, so there is absolutely no worry about eye strain here. Even the smaller type is easily a point or two bigger than I’m used to seeing (no, I did not look weird comparing font sizes in various zines), and it’s all in a nice sans serif font.

Even more, the comics, art, photography found inside are all well done and can keep you flipping back and forth between the pages even after you’ve finished reading the zine.

I greatly appreciated the glossary of terms in the back of the zine. It’s like a little nod of acceptance that not everyone is 100% knowledgeable about these things right from the get go and even lists links for where to learn more. When a zine (or any media) comes from a place of teaching rather than expectation, open minds find it easier to learn.

I really enjoyed this zine. It’s a lot of fun, and I think it’s good for people to either find that they aren’t so alone and/or to learn about what life is like from other perspectives. Grab a copy.

PS. This definitely needs to be a series if you’re up for it, Rae.

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