Happy Mail Monday: 2018 Happy New Year Edition

Yeah, that post title is a bit of a hot mess, but here we are and there we go! Hahaha.

I am in a brilliant mood, zine friends. I love New Year’s. I feel like it’s the one enjoyable major holiday that hasn’t been messed with past not-great stuff. Less expectation, more hope and fun. In general, of course. New Year’s can be less than amazing and downright scary, too, so big hugs and lots of encouragement from me if you’re feeling that way.

I also love that 2018 is starting on a Monday (I know – shock horror). I like starting things on Mondays, I get an extra energy boost in starting the work week, and, of course…

Happy Mail!

Thanks to Sensitive Adult Daily (https://www.sensitiveadultdaily.com), I have some awesome zine happy mail to start the year off with!

“Sensitive Adult Daily is a community of sensitive adults who, through creative work, document the struggle of living with lots of feelings.” I first came across Sensitive Adult Daily at Festival of the Photocopier 2016. I reviewed it and have been interested ever since.

They were kind enough to send the whole lot over, and I’m so happy to get started reading them. Thank you so much to Sensitive Adult Daily.

That’s me for today, zine friends. I know today would have been ideal for ‘2018 Plans’ and such, but how could I pass up a Happy Mail Monday – especially when it happens to be the very first day of the year?

Big hugs and zine on!

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