Zine Review: Lost Projects 4

Lost Projects 4
Editor: Amy Louise Bogen
IG: @lostprojectszine

Lost Projects 4 is a black and white ½ fold zine ‘dedicated to lost things and the art of staying found’.

After reading Lost Projects 3, I was looking forward to this zine to see what kind of bits and treasures it contained. I wasn’t disappointed.

I love the combination of art, comics, and written pieces in this zine and the series as a whole. In this zine, Salty Lotus aka Cynthia Insja combined unfinished pieces of art to create a whole new, complete piece. I love that idea!

Jessica Rae Moncla shares a comic that any procrastinator and/or massive list maker can identify with

I do get a special thrill when I see a familiar name in a zine. It makes the zineverse seem a bit smaller in a good way. In Lost Projects 3, I saw Fafa Jaepelt of Catzine, and in this I saw Sarah Rivka of Killing Spiders & Other Words in Spring.

If you want variety in a zine, you couldn’t really ask for more. With the dash of ‘secrets and confessions’ added in for flavour, it’s a zine I think you should check out.

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