Off Topic: Silence Not So Golden

Hello, zine friends!

Wow does it feel like it’s been an age since I typed that. It’s funny how our perception of time can be so different from the reality of it.

You may or may not have noticed that I’ve been a little more quiet around here than I usually am. I wasn’t able to film the Happy Mail Monday, The Zine Collector has been delayed, I didn’t wrap up Mini-Zine March on the first – that sort of thing.

If you know me, you know I don’t like delaying things, but this was absolutely necessary.

I’ve been doing something very difficult but ultimately something that has made me a better, stronger person. By extension, I will be able to bring more to how I live my life and what I do here.

So what am I on about?

I’m just recently back home after spending two weeks doing an inpatient anxiety program in Adelaide. It’s been an incredibly difficult, enlightening, and revealing experience that has been worth it in ways that I am still processing.

As much as I wanted to share the whole experience with you all as it was happening, I realised pretty quickly that all of my energy and focus needed to be on what I was doing. Posting a few duck videos here and there on Instagram as well as usual review-day activities was about as much as I could manage – and most of that was thanks to being able to schedule posts and videos.

I want to talk more about the whole thing. The inpatient experience, what the anxiety program entailed, so on and so forth. But I’m also not sure what people actually want to know. There’s so much I can tell you about my experiences and my personal program. I don’t want anyone to feel bored or

If you do have questions, feel free to put them in the comments or message me on Tumblr if you’d rather be anonymous. I don’t promise to answer everything, but I promise to answer everything I feel I can. For what I can answer, I may also bring the questions and answers into a zine I’d like to make about the whole thing.

Thank you for your patience, regardless of whether you really noticed any absence or any other lack. I’ve always appreciated this and everything related in my life, but I have a slightly different view of things now and appreciate it all the more.

I need a gentle step back into life after everything, but it is still my plan to put up reviews tomorrow and Friday as well as have videos go back to regular scheduling starting with a happy mail video on Monday.

That’s me for now. Here’s a card that still makes me smile that the amazing Keira sent.

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