Zine Review: For My Grandmother

For My Grandmother

For My Grandmother is a 1/4(ish) size full colour tribute to a special grandmother.

This zine is gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. Yes, zine friends, that is my opener.

From the belly band to the light, gentle colours used throughout, the entirety of this zine has a feeling of care and love – all dedicated from Jane to Jane’s grandmother. Opening this zine, you will find a collection of words and art about a woman – Hope – who was clearly loved very much.

The artwork is delicate and flows between some pieces with intricate details and others with simple lines and fewer details. Jane’s choice of colours, papers, and even using a vellum page further makes everything feel almost antique in a way. The whole zine is warm and beautiful – no doubt in honour of a warm and beautiful woman.

I do worry about belly bands on zines when the title isn’t repeated somewhere within the zine itself, but I think the zine is fairly self-explanatory without the title – and my copy will be safely tucked away in my collection anyway. 🙂

I really adore this zine in and of itself but also because it’s a very clear expression of feeling in zine form. It reminds me of my great-grandmother and all of our happy memories together.

I would definitely grab a copy.

2 Replies to “Zine Review: For My Grandmother”

  1. Wow, thank you so much for this beautiful review of my zine! She was a great lady indeed.
    I’m so happy that it reminded you of your great-grandmother as well ❤

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