Zine Review: Do-It-Yourself Care

Do-It-Yourself Care
Nina Echozina

Do-It-Yourself Care is a full colour one-page mini-zine about accepting emotion and self-care.

I think I’ve mentioned quite a few times now how much I like a self-care zine, and this one is certainly no exception. Starting off with a play on words in the title is a great way to get me smiling and grab my attention.

The zine starts off with notes about the importance of self-care, allowing yourself to feel emotions, and acknowledging that what is relaxing for someone might not be relaxing for another (kudos for that!). From there, we get a list of things that help Nina.

Nina’s list of ideas is a great one, including things like the joy of a blanket fort to folding zines. (Yay for mentioning zine-related activities in a self-care zine!) I enjoy discovering new-to-me things that work for other people.

The aesthetic is absolutely lovely with a variety of colours and patterns. On top of that, Nina has excellent, oh so readable handwriting, and the zine unfolds to reveal an equally enjoyable to look at collage inside.

This is one of those zines where I want to get a big stack of copies because I want to send this to so many people.

Definitely grab a copy.

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