Zine Review: Precious Pearl

Precious Pearl

Precious Pearl is a ½ fold full-colour comic about the creation of a pearl. A precious pearl.

I laughed out loud. Oh, how I laughed. This says things about my level of maturity – none of them good.

This zine is going to be a tough one to review because I really don’t want to give anything away. There’s a twist to it that has me chuckling even as I type this.

Precious Pearl is a comic set in the ocean (as you probably imagined), and has a very sweet start full of nice colours and pretty fish. However, because this isn’t the first one of Veek’s comics that I have read, I started getting the feeling that it was a little too sweet.

I was right. Ha!

The art of this comic is a fun combination of hand drawing/colouring and cut out pictures of fish/aquatic life. I thought the cut outs were a fun addition to this comic that sort of set it apart from Veek’s other comics and put it more in line with the ‘children’s book’ that the back cover claimed it to be. The few words involved also played into this aesthetic.

All of it combined together to create an even funnier twist than it would have been with words alone. (Just to be clear, this one probably isn’t for kids.)

I apologise if this review is a bit frustrating because of my attempts not to give anything away. I will say that if you have a sense of humour that’s more on the immature side like mine, then grab a copy.

PS. I had Wanderer read this, and even he had a chuckle.

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