Queer Collaborations 2018: National Australian Queer Student Conference

Photography/design Tayla Lauren Ralph

Queer Collaborations (QC) is the national Australian queer student conference. This year it will be hosted at UQ in Brisbane from 1st – 7th July 2018!

QC is a platform for queer student leaders to come together and collaborate on advocacy projects and campaigns, share knowledge and resources and devise national policy with the aim to help connect queer students across Australia. Traditionally it is hosted at a different university each year in July over the mid-year holiday break for many universities.

UQ Union (UQU) Queer Department successfully won the bid to host in 2018 and therefore the QC Organising Committee (QCOC) is made up of volunteer members from UQ Union’s Queer Collective (UQUQC) with support from the University of Queensland and the Australian Queer Student Network – the national peak body for queer students across Australia.

The conference is governed by it’s own Standing Orders as well as Safer Spaces Agreement. On average there are 200 student participants and invitations are sent to the wider queer community to attend as observers for specific events during the conference week. This year we are introducing new events to connect people in different ways including a guest plenary presentation, formal seminars, welcome luncheon, Brisbane queer culture and history tour and a national awards night!

For further information regarding the conference, please contact the QC Organising Committee at: qc2018brisbane@gmail.com

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