International Zine Month 2018 – Day 13 – Friday the 13th!

Happy Friday, zine friends! We’re lucky to have an absolutely gorgeous sunny day here in Murray Bridge. It’s easy to forget that it’s…

Friday the 13th!

Today’s prompt is:

Friday the 13th! Make up a zine superstition and share it (skip the 13th issue? Spin 3 times to prevent copier jams or avoid paper cuts?)

Now I haven’t tried this myself, so I can’t speak to whether it works or not, but I have heard of a little zine superstition ritual for zinemakers who make a physical master copy before scanning/copying.

What you need to do is take your master copy and – this is very important – before you do ANY scanning, copying, or even editing, you wait for the next full moon. Just before midnight on the next full moon, you take your master copy outside into the moonlight. Place your master copy in the moonlight on nature in some way. Be it putting it on the grass, a rock, leaves, etc.

At midnight, take three deep breaths and put all of your good wishes and thoughts toward the zine until one minute after midnight. If you do that, then your copying will go smoothly, your binding will stay strong, and your master copy will never go astray.

Or so I hear.

Happy Friday the 13th!


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