International Zine Month 2018 – Day 25 – Review Time

Hello, zine friends! After a run in with a Greenpeace ‘volunteer’ who didn’t want to take no for an answer, all plans for yesterday fell aside. I was shaken up and emotionally spent, so today I’m back to catching up. The best laid plans, eh?

At least today we get to talk a bit about something I know a thing or two about. 🙂

Yesterday’s prompt:

Send your zine out for review

I feel a little awkward talking about the importance of zine reviews when I review them. Still, I think reviews are important. In a world where entertainment is easy to access and there is always noise coming from multiple directions, it can be hard to get word out about your zine. Especially when zines have roots that go against the corporate, the mainstream, and the ‘easy sell’.

Whenever someone lets me know that they found a zine they enjoyed through my reviews or someone found their zine through my reviews, it makes me feel like I’m really putting some good out into the world.

I always say that to receive mail, you must send it, and I feel like it’s a fair thing to say that if I review zines, I should send mine out for review as well.

My zines have been reviewed a couple times here and there, but I do need to make an effort to send them out more often. With that in mind, I will be sending along a zine or two to Five O’Clock Zine Reviews

Craig reviews zines in short videos on Instagram. I admire how he reviews zines nearly every day as well as being able to sum up things in one or two videos! (A marvel to my long-winded self. Haha!)

Are you sending your zine/s out for review? Have you been reviewed? I have a few zine reviewers listed on the Resources page – am I missing any of your favourites?

Let me know in the comments!

The prompt for today is a bit of a big one, so I’m going to leave that one for tomorrow. Until then!


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