Zine Review: Cats Not Kids 3

Cats Not Kids 3
Purple Donna

Cats Not Kids 3 is an A6 black and white perzine about family planning clinics, contraception, not wanting kids, and more.

Cats Not Kids 3 opens straight off with a piece about spending 17 years on contraception that it turned out Donna didn’t need to take! Talk about getting me feeling angry right from the get go. I’m so sick of doctors who think the pill is the be all and end all of reproductive health. As you can imagine, Donna had a few thoughts to share about the situation.

Donna writes about conversations she’s had with people around not wanting children. (I’ve never felt so grateful that, for the most part, people have left me alone on that front.) She brings up good points like why do people so often say “you’ll change your mind” to people who don’t want to have kids? Why should someone have to share about their infertility – a private health matter – to actually have their decision respected?

Cats Not Kids also has a small comic and some facts about phone phobia that I greatly appreciated (being phobic myself). I didn’t realise the extent to which it is recognised.

I was sad to read the note at the end of the zine that lets the reader know that this is the last of the series – or trilogy, if you will – but such is the way sometimes. I’ve greatly enjoyed all three. If you’re interested in any of the topics I’ve mentioned in the reviews (Cats Not Kids 1, Cats Not Kids 2), I think you will enjoy them, too.

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