Zine Review: How to Sleep

How to Sleep
Neik Glasshouse

How to Sleep is slightly smaller than A6 and is a black and white zine full of tips to help you to get to sleep and stay asleep.

“With this guide, I go deeper into the beauty of sleep and how you can use it to grow.”

When I first saw this zine, I thought it might be about something else with a clever title. Lo and behold, a title that gets right to the point. Haha.

How to Sleep opens with a table of contents and an introduction to the zine. Neik writes about the reasons for writing this zine and their respect for the state of sleeping. The reader is meant to take this zine and the contents within as they will as it’s more personal than scientific.

The zine is split into two sections: ‘What You Need’ and ‘Steps on How to Sleep’. Part one is shourt at three pages, but it brings up important reminders for the place you spend about a third of your day. Not all of the suggestions are doable (mostly from a money-related view), but that’s what you get with many guides.

I found part two interesting with more than a few things I’m going to try in an effort to improve my sleep. It’s a more ‘internal’ vibes and energy answer to the more ‘external’ environmental approach in part one. I like that Neik explores before, during, and after sleep rather than only how to get to sleep. Neik even talks about cultivating an internal alarm, which is something I always thought was a funny trick some people could do.

There was one small bit that rankled me enough to make me pause. In a section about reflecting on reasons to feel gratitude, Neik includes a footnote:

“If you prefer to be an asshole and do not want to strive to be a human being that exerts good vibrations, then being grateful might be a very hard thing for you to do.”

I found this to be aggressive for a zine that opened with a more relaxed and open tone. It also ignores that actually feeling gratitude can be something that does have to be worked on and that mental illness that can make it difficult to feel gratitude. These things to not make someone into an asshole.

Aesthetically, this zine is quite lovely. Vellum provides an ‘outer’ cover and is used in the middle of the zine for an introduction to sleep stages. The layout is great with a small font size but still a nicely readable sans serif font. (Save for a section at the very end that is especially tiny. Done on purpose, according to the author, but to what end, I’m not entirely clear.)

While I do have my niggles with this zine, I think it has interesting suggestions for getting more out of your sleep. If you’re looking for a more meditative approach to your sleep, then give this zine a read.

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