Zine Review: Behind the Scenes with George Rex

Behind the Scenes with George Rex
George Rex

Behind the Scenes is an A5 full-colour comic zine that takes you ‘behind the scenes’ in George’s life as a comic artist and illustrator.

With the front inside cover dedicated to George’s chosen tools of the trade and page one diving into explaining why George uses light blue pencil before inking, Behind the Scenes wastes no time with inviting you into their world as a comic artist.

From there, George takes us through an illustrated world of George quitting her job to become a freelancer, a dream studio day vs an average one, and a whopping seven glorious pages dedicated to the love (and stress) of new sketchbooks. There’s plenty more to enjoy as well!

You may think this comic isn’t for you because you’re not an artist. I’m not an artist by any means, and I found heaps I not only enjoyed but also identified with. I absolutely love the sketchbook section because my love for notebooks will never die. I had all the feelings for George’s comparison between a dream day at the studio and what is more often the reality.

Ah, for a penny for each good intention.

I had a chuckle at one point when George mentioned the time when Officeworks briefly stopped stocking Uni Pin Fineliners because I remember that. I also remember feeling similar disappointment.

I’ve talked about George’s art style before (Oh Brother! (https://www.seagreenzines.com/zine-review-oh-brother-some-stories-about-growing-up-with-a-brother-with-autism/), ADL -> MEL (https://www.seagreenzines.com/zine-review-adl-mel-2/) ), and this comic offers even more. Black and white, full colour, pages coloured by various shades and tints of blue – and that’s just on the colours front.

It’s no secret that I love George Rex’s work, and Behind the Scenes really wins it all. This zine takes George’s amazing and fun style and mixes it with everything my nosy self loves about perzines. Grab a copy.

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