Zine Review: Murals of Marin #1

Murals of Marin #1
True Zine Marin

Murals of Marin #1 is a full colour one-page mini-zine about the ‘True Colors’ mural in San Rafael, California.

It’s a short and sweet one for you today, zine friends. But like this zine gets right to the heart of what it’s all about, so will this review.

The zine opens with all the who, what, etc details of the mural, and the zine unfolds to reveal a full colour picture of the mural inside. There is so much absolutely gorgeous colour to take in and enjoy with this mini.

I really like this idea – especially as a series. I could see this ending up being a fun sort of zine tour series around Marin county. Everything is clear and easy to read, and I like the idea of other people making series like these for places they love.

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