#ZineWriMo Day 4: Connect With Others

Hello, hello, zine friends! I hope you’ve been having a wonderful weekend so far. Today we’re rounding out the weekend with a ZineWriMo prompt all about saying hello.

Sharing is Caring: Connect with other zinemakers

One of the greatest joys I’ve found in being involved with zines is meeting amazing people. There are so many making zines all around the world, and it’s my pleasure to know them. But I also know that getting to know people online first can help a lot when it comes to social anxiety.

Thank goodness we have online zine groups!

As I mentioned in my first post, ZineWriMo has a Facebook group as well as a Twitter hashtag ‘group’(?) going.

There are also other groups as well. The website We Make Zines, and a couple of other Facebook groups as well: Zines A Go Go and Zines Australia.

Even more? Well yes!

At the bottom of each ZineWriMo post, I have a list of participants. You can always say hello on those spaces as well.


*Echo Publishing
*Riot Grrl
*Ulterior Zines
*Olga Writes Things
*Zines and Things

If you would like to be added to the list, you can let me know by DMing me your link on Instagram or Twitter, or you can email me.

Phew! I think I’ll leave it there for today. If there are any spaces, places, or participants I’ve missed, be sure to let me know. I also have a Resources page if you’d like to check that out.

Check out the full list of daily prompts here. Happy ZineWriMo!

2 Replies to “#ZineWriMo Day 4: Connect With Others”

  1. So true. I love getting into contact with zinesters and I love discussing projects and zines !!
    You were the very first person I reached out to when I discovered this awesome phenomenon called zines and I still appreciate your nice welcome 🙂

    (I wanted to join zines a go go about 2 weeks ago but my application is still pending. It seems as if they’re either very selective or do not take new people)


    1. I’m so honoured that I was the first person you contacted. ^_^

      The group isn’t showing as any member requests pending. Hm. I can try adding you using the email address you use for Facebook. Would you like me to try? (I’m assuming it’s your gmail account?)


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