#ZineWriMo Day 8: Stream of Consciousness Writing

Is it the weekend yet? Haha. Hello, zine friends, and welcome to another day of ZineWriMo where we get our zine on in a fashion inspired by National Novel Writing month. (But with somewhat less work involved because the activities list was made by a spoonie.)

Warm Up: Try stream of consciousness writing

I think I first started stream of consciousness writing when I was in high school and the composition teacher seemed really big into journalling, writing every day, so on and so forth. While I certainly didn’t keep up the ‘every day’ part of it, I did (and do) find it a useful tool right alongside things like brainstorming.

Sometimes the things that come aren’t are far from pretty, but I’ve always viewed that as a sort of purging. Get the muck out of my brain and my heart and onto the paper where it can’t keep creating clouds in my view. A shower of literary sorts. Haha.

My ideas notebook catches all things zine-related, so my writing went right on in there along with everything else. However, given that it’s of a personal nature at points, I’m afraid you get another picture of the cover of my ideas book.

Do you do stream of consciousness writing? Is today your first time? Let me know all your thoughts about it – even if you really don’t like it! – in the comments and/or by linking to your post about it.

Check out the full list of daily prompts here.


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