Zine Review: My First Job

My First Job

My First Job is a black and white illustrated one-page mini about Warglitter’s first job.

In this fun mini, Warglitter writes about how a dream to become a film director landed her as close as she could get at the time: her first job at the concession stand at the movie theatre.

Illustrations add that little something, making a zine that reminds me of the style and tone of Daria. I couldn’t put into words exactly why, but it made me smile nonetheless. What else makes me smile is how Warglitter dated herself on the last page by mentioning what she saved up her money to buy… No spoilers here, zine friends, but I giggled.

My one niggle is no contact details, but that’s what you have me for. 😉

I think a ‘my first job’ is a great idea for a mini and shares an experience many people will identify with. (And/or nostalgia for those who had friends who worked at theatres. Hehe.)

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