Zine Review: The Adventures of Punk Bird Issue 1

The Adventures of Punk Bird Issue 1
Punk Bird

The Adventures of Punk Bird Issue 1 is an A6 black and white comic about Punk Bird, making friends, and whether it’s all even worth it.

I feel like I should have a disclaimer at the beginning of this letting you know that I’m not one of the cool kinds and there are probably references that go over my head with this one. That being said, I smiled and laughed a lot.

Punk Bird is a bird who thinks they don’t have friends while also struggling with the basic problem of having friends: dealing with other people. Well, that and having standards that are a little too strict for casual social interactions. Haha.

This zine is a sort of ‘day in the life’ introduction to Punk Bird. I laughed out loud on page one when Punk Bird referenced people who obsessively cover everything they own in stickers. From the get go, it becomes clear that Punk Bird is no Mary Sue character – their faults are out there and apparent (though not so much to Punk Bird).

The Adventures of Punk Bird is a funny introduction to a new comic series. There’s some adult language and situations thrown in the mix for some adult style humour.

I’m going to enjoy reading future issues. Check it out.

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