Zine Review: Things My Parents Never Taught Me

Things My Parents Never Taught Me
Crash Reynolds

Things My Parents Never Taught Me is a one-page folded full-colour mini-zine about overlooked childhood lessons.

I knew from the moment I read the title of this mini that I would enjoy this zine.

Opening up this zine, you find a small collection of snippets covering the practical – like how to properly clean a bathroom – to more emotionally related skills. Crash had me from the first missed lesson, and I spent time wondering just how much YouTube and other educational websites have taught me. I nodded along with most of Crash’s lists, identifying with so many and inspired to make a list of my own.

This zine makes me feel sad in the feelings and sentiments that it covers. But, like with many zines, I appreciate the potential it has to help people feel less alone.

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